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Does any of this describe you, your leader, or your team member(s)?

  • Caught in  the stress and pressure due to  high growth or reduced staff
  • Burned out or stuck in a plateau
  • Out of shape physically or mentally
  • Want to break through, grow, and thrive
  • Having problem losing weights with too many yo-yo diets
  • Succeeded at work/career but health is going down hill
  • New Executive Team Leader ready to make the move or not seeing results as planned
  • Dysfunctional work team suffering subpar performance results
  • Suffering from relationships issue at work and/or home
  • Having “midlife” crisis fearing life is passing you by
  • Traumatized by loss of loved ones particularly to life threatening illnesses like cancer or heart attacks

Our Services


Advisory coaching for outcome-oriented executives to accelerate breakthrough and advance to their next level of greatness for themselves and their organization. This service features partnering and involving relevant individuals, executive team(s), and their key stakeholders timely and effectively.

Executive Wellness Programs

Healthy executives drives healthier bottom line. Learn how to reimagine, realign, and refocus to destress, revitalize, and stay healthy, strong, and vibrant in busy, high pressure, and high stress business environments.

Team Coaching

High-performing and high-value-creating teams don’t happen by accident. Our unique team coaching methodology and implementation are our secret sauce. It empowers our clients to break through their outdated molds or patterns while conserving and deepening their core values in trust and relationships to realign, reshape, and recharge the executive and stakeholder teams that go straight to the bottom line.


Business growth with clarity and alignment within your organization is Benchmark Maven’s flagship specialty.  We provide measurable and actionable insights for C-Suites and their leadership teams to design, drive and implement timely strategic, operational, and cultural initiatives.

Client Testimonials

“Working with Pearl was a great learning experience for me. She is extremely well versed in business intelligence and is one of the best technologists I have known.

Pearl was committed to provide the very best possible solution for her client and was tirelessly searching for more answers and better options for our project’s recommendation.

I recommend Pearl with the highest confidence that she will excel.”

“Pearl’s insight, experience and finely honed communication skills immediately instilled tremendous confidence in me. She helped me discover the root causes of my work challenges. My communications skills improved through and my talents got to evolve and shine in what used to be tough situations for me. Her total understanding of team dynamics and marksman like ability to target areas where growth was needed, and her ability to address those areas in a secure and non-judgmental fashion helped me trust her and quickly realize what an asset she has been for me. She also assisted me with industry specific challenges. I would recommend her for any team or individual at any level.”

“I’ve worked with Pearl off and on for years in a variety of client environments. I always learn something new from her and would heartily recommend her to anyone who needs a driven, outcome oriented, transformation. While these are buzz words for most consultants, Pearl can and does actually measure her success by the improvements left in place with her clients, her peers, and her teams. She gets things done, by herself, or by causing strong, measurable, positive change in the teams she leaves behind.

While Pearl could be a strong force for improvement in any aspect of consulting, we are particularly lucky to have her working in the Analytics and Information Governance areas. She IS actually improving the world (and teaching those around her how to do it as well).”